Family Values: How to Teach Responsibility

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Give Kids a Role in the Family

Teaching Responsibility, boy learning to do laundry

Let kids know that their contribution helps the family. Little by little, give your child chores that he or she is responsible for. Start with easy things, like setting the table and feeding pets. As time goes on, kids can move on to vacuuming a room and doing laundry. They might even help plan a family trip and do internet research on activities and places to stay. Whatever they do, praise children for being responsible and let them know what they do is valued.


Family Values Poll
What does responsibility mean to you?
It means not leaving my work up to someone else.
It means taking care of myself and the people who depend on me.
It means caring not only for my family, but for society in general.
Being responsible is a burden I accept only when I must.
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