Family Values: How to Teach Responsibility

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Teach Kids Self-Care

Teaching Responsibility, self-care skills, girl brushing teeth

Let children start to take responsibility for themselves in small ways, then graduate to bigger ones. For instance, encourage young kids brush their teeth or dress themselves in the morning, even though you can do it faster. Give them self-care tasks like putting their toys away and making their own beds (you could put these on a chart), then compliment them on how responsible they are. They’ll start to see themselves as capable and competent--which leads to a strong self-image and the desire to do more on their own.


Family Values Poll
What does responsibility mean to you?
It means not leaving my work up to someone else.
It means taking care of myself and the people who depend on me.
It means caring not only for my family, but for society in general.
Being responsible is a burden I accept only when I must.
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