Family Values: How Kids Learn Patience


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Teaching Kids to Have Patience

teaching patience - boy measuring height

"Wait your turn." "Wait 'til you're bigger." We often ask kids to be patient, but developing this value takes time. Patience is the ability to endure a difficult situation without complaining. It means showing self-control and staying calm in the face of frustration or boredom. When you're patient, you understand that some things are worth waiting for. But patience isn’t only passive waiting--it means persevering when things get tough. Adults as well as kids often get frustrated if they don’t see immediate results. But at any age it's important to wait for the right time to speak or act.

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How do you cultivate patience?
I take deep breaths
I count to ten
I meditate
I realize some things are worth waiting for
I try to see the other person's side
I don't! -- I scream and yell until I get what I want.
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