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ok to be different Cooking with Kids easy and healthy breakfast bites on the go fresh this summer
Peer pressure can keep our children from feeling that it’s ok for them to be different and that this uniqueness is what makes them special. You can help your child accept who they are... read more »
Cooking is a great way to bond with your children and allow them to express their creative side. Here are five tips for cooking with kids. read more »
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Here are seven easy and healthy breakfast meals that you can eat on the go. read more »
Find out how can you remain looking fabulous and looking fresh this summer. read more »


Things You Miss When Obsessed with Your Smartphone

Nowadays, our phones can hold our attention longer than a three-hour movie. We can’t put down our phones! But what if we’re letting more important things in life pass us by?


Weird Weight-Loss Tricks That Really Work

If you’re bored with usual advice and are looking to try something new, here are five strange weight-loss tricks that are science-based. Take a look—some might work for you!

Love and Family

Signs You’re Turning into Your Mom

Have the people closest to you told you that you’re looking, sounding or acting just like your mother? Here are 12 signs you’re turning into your Mom.


Letting Your Kids Choose Their Own Friends

It may not always be easy to let your child make his or her own decision, but here are some reasons why it is so important.


Reduce Stress This Summer

The summer is often associated with carefree fun in the sun and relaxation, but unfortunately stress can happen at any time of year.


What is the Root of School Violence?

With 15 school shootings happening in the last two years, what is the cause of such violence?


Top 10 Tools for Surviving Family Vacations

Now that school’s out, everyone wants to play and go on vacation. Having a flashlight and flares for a car trip is a great idea. But what about a repair kit for family feelings? Or a road map to harmony?

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Eight Skills Your Grandparents Had that You Don’t

Most grandparents aren’t tech-savvy or into what’s showing on TV nowadays, but they possessed skills that were hard to come by. Here are a few skills your grandparents had that you don’t.

Love and Family

Tips to Keep Your Marriage Alive After Kids

For more than 30 years, FamilyLife, co-founded by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, has focused on building healthier marriages and families. What they say about romance amid raising children will surprise you.


Four Tips To Make Your Work Day Happier

You might find yourself coming home from the office feeling drained and frustrated. But there are four simple things you can do now to help your office environment become a happier place.

Heloise Hints NL

Heloise Hints

Washing Drapes and Curtains
Parenting on Purpose

Parenting on Purpose

Sharon Ballantine
Other Parents Think My Kids Have Good Manners But

Doing Life Together

Dr. Linda Mintle
Body Brain Connection When Bigger Really is Better



Parenting on Purpose