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Good friends are irreplaceable and help give our lives more meaning. Here are six ways to stay close with your friends despite your busy lives. read more »
The calmer you are, the calmer your children will be. read more »
We asked our readers, couples who are in a committed relationship or married, what is the key to making everything work. Here's the advice they gave and wisdom that could help to make... read more »
Clearly, workat home moms are busy but are they unappreciated? Not if the most important people (your kids!) notice. read more »


5 Chores That Can Help You Lose Weight

Take note of these household chores that will help you reach your ultimate weight goal.


8 Ways to Cure a Shopping Addiction

Many people use shopping as an outlet to make them self feel better or a way to compensate for a void. It's important to combat a shopping addiction before the financial and psychological problems set in.

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Recipes for a Healthier You

Check out these amazing recipes to reenergize!

Love and Family

Time to Get Organized: 10 Tips to De-Clutter

I need to get organized! Sometimes, just looking at it all feels overwhelming and I don’t even want to begin the task! So I’m writing to you, but taking my own advice. I’m getting organized and creating tips to help.


Are We There Yet?: 6 Signs You Raised a Caring Kid

According to today’s leading experts there are several qualities that demonstrate that kids will thrive as adults - here are six to consider.


Best Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

Here are the best morning rituals to making good days a more frequent occurrence.

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10 Reasons Why You Are Not Having Sex in Marriage

Consider the following 10 reasons and decide if any of these could be impacting your sexual relationship.


Are You Too Calorie Conscious?

While counting calories can result in a leaner body, being too calorie conscious or calorie obsessed can actually be unhealthy. Find out if you’re focused on the right things concerning your diet with this quiz.


Certain Parenting Tactics Could Lead to Materialistic Attitudes in Adulthood

Richins, who completed the study with Lan Chaplin, associate professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Business Administration, found that three parenting strategies led to greater materialism.

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7 Ways to Get to Know Your Spouse Better

We all get caught up in life, work, and finances where spouses can feel like more like a roommate than a partner or friend. Engaging in conversation, making dates or spending time with each other outside of picking up groceries or a burger could help you get to know your spouse better.

Sharon Taphorn

Angel Guidance

Sharon Taphorn
When it is Time to Move On
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Simply Fabulous

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Be Kind to Yourself
Have a Magnificent Day

Have a Magnificent Day

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Our Words Manifest