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9 Things You’d Better Do Before Baby Arrives

Yes, Ivana Cortes is a real-life princess, but she's also a mother of two who met her Prince Charming when she was a student at Pepperdine College. And she has solid advice for the family expecting a little heir.

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Popular Baby Names

Unlike unique celebrity baby names like North West and Rainbow Aurora - here are some of the more common popular names.


5 Wellness Tips for Pregnant Moms

A good pregnancy diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these 5 wellness tips for expecting moms.

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Expecting Soon: Tips on Creating the Perfect Nursery

Whether you go to Babies R Us, seek out ideas on Pintrest or come up with your own there are a few "musts" in every nursery. Here are seven "must-do" tips when creating the perfect nursery.

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8 Ways to Simple Living

The arrival of your little one will be a hectic time for everyone invovled. Simplifying your life now can help your stress levels and overall attitude. Who doesn't want to accomplish more with less stress - check out how.