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Love & Family

8 Things You Won't Get to Do Once You Have Children

While motherhood is very rewarding, there are things in life that you will miss because of your little angels.


Hollywood's Worst Baby Names

While celebrities are commonly known for their wacky baby names, here's a look through some of the worst monikers out of Tinseltown.

Love & Family

Raising Kids Between Religions

When mom and dad don't share the same religion, it can be a tough question: What religion or religions will you raise your children with?


8 Health Tips that Will Shock You

Start taking care of your health today for baby! What you may not know about your health could hurt your health or even shorten your life. Here are eight health tips your doctor may have never shared with you.

Love & Family

5 Ways Children Inspire Us

Let’s face it. We laugh when they laugh. We smile when they smile. Children remind us what it’s like to be happy with the simple things in life. Check out five inspiring ways that kids can help us to get back to the good ol’ days!

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How Great Thou Part

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Parenting on Purpose

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Dr. Linda Mintle
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