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5 Steps to Stop Bullying

Being able to “stay calm and carry on” when you find out your child is being bullied is nearly impossible. Author and expert, Maureen Healy, shares 5 steps to stop bullying in case you ever discover your child is being bullied.


Teaching Your Child About Morals

How can you foster a child’s moral development when society has been deemed as a self-serving culture? According to Stephanie Manes, New York-based licensed clinical social worker, more needs to be done to foster the return of morality or goodness, and the place to start is with children.

Love & Family

Reconnect With Your Family During Spring Break

Time goes by very quickly and before you know it your children will be all grown up and out of the house. Take Spring Break as a time to get reconnected with your family and make memories that you will cherish forever. Here are 7 activities your family can do together to reconnect during Spring Break.


Parents: Apply the Law of Attraction to Raising Teens

By teaching our children to become familiar with their Internal Guidance System (IGS), they will make better life choices.


How To Discourage Materialism

Breast cancer no longer automatically results in breast removal -- but researchers say they are surprised to find why so many of the procedures are still conducted.