Bob Nylen, Beliefnet's Beloved Co-Founder

Remembering a man of great integrity, humor, love, and bravery.


08/05/2009 03:25:34 PM

Hello My name is Vivian. i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address ( I believe we can move from here! Am waiting for your mail to my email address above because i have alot to tell you, Lot's of love,Miss Vivian.


02/09/2009 06:51:50 PM

I'm late as usual with my condolences --- I had no idea one of the co-founders of one of my favorite internet haunts had died. My best wishes for the family and friends who knew him. He left a legacy and helped make the world a better place. Best,


01/06/2009 08:16:10 AM

Excellent article. We need more people like him in the world especially the corporate world. God's blessings to his family.


01/03/2009 11:55:48 PM

I'm so thankful to people like Bob and Steve who are willing to risk much for a vision. Often we never really now how important something is to someone until they make a personal and/or financial sacrifice. I wish I'd known Bob. How lucky I am to reap the rewards of his investments. Thank you Beliefnet.


01/02/2009 02:00:47 PM

Bob was an incredible mentor. He was always calm, always patient, and tremendously witty. I remember when we moved into the current offices 9 years ago, and some folks thought they seemed a bit, well, down-market for a super-slick 1999-2000-era website. But Bob reminded us that, #1, they were OUR offices instead of the shared (bad) office the company had been surviving in the previous 4 months, and #2, if WE grew, the office would grow. You know what? We grew! (Then we contracted. But then we grew again. And grew some more!) Bob could also always be counted on to write something wise and profound, particularly about veterans and war. He was such a treasure and a great inspiration. We will miss him.


01/01/2009 07:09:16 AM

To follow your dreams ... to realize the awesome plans God has for one's life ... what a life. What a service to God and mankind... How delighted God must have been in His view of Bob Nylen. Pray God's comfort and strength during this period of grief for his family and friends. Well done thy good and perfect servant.


12/31/2008 01:18:35 PM

Bob, I hope you have internet connection in heaven, because I never got a chance to write you the email I meant to and tell you how you were one of the people that made my first (and second to last) office jobs meaningful and less harsh than it could have been. I'll never forget your email about the time when there was a shooting at the Burger King downstairs--- and the word "treacle"... for a totally unrelated reason. Your bike riding to work was inspirational.... your wit and humor sublime. Rest well in the great unknown world of heaven while we on Earth keep your memory and may your descendants continue in light of your spirit.


12/30/2008 10:38:20 PM

Thank goodness for men like Bob, I am so happy that he had the heart,thought and passion for such a site, & that I found it. Thankyou to all involved and May Bob be Blessed were ever he is right now.Peace and love to all .


12/30/2008 03:52:24 PM

When I was a young assistant editor at Beliefnet, Bob always treated me with respect and was truly interested in hearing what I had to say--and was always quick to joke around and lighten the mood when it needed lightening. He was a true "mentsch" and we will all miss him.


12/29/2008 05:31:08 PM

I worked with Bob at Waterfront Media. Though I am low on the title-pole, Bob always treated me with the same respect with which he treated the executives. He always asked how I was, got to know me, and gave me great advice over the last few years. I've worked with many board members in several corporations and none have ever had the genuine warmth that Bob had towards all people. His sense of humor as well was wild and terrific. He was a truly great person and will be missed.


12/29/2008 02:28:15 AM

Please accept my late condolences for Mr. Nylen's passing. They don't make them quite like this anymore. I wish for the entire Nylen/Beliefnet family the grace of God to enfold you all like a warm blanket on a cold night so you will feel comforted until you meet again in heaven. Isn't this how it truly is. When we are born, we cry and the world rejoices, and when we die, the world cries and we rejoice. Eternal rest and light shine upon a wonderful man in His Kingdom where all our tears are wiped away. My sincerest of sympathy to everyone. In Christ:::: Faline

Paul O'Donnell

12/28/2008 09:56:41 PM

Bob, Thanks for everything. In those early days at Beliefnet, you were the one who could be counted on to take neither yourself nor the events of the day too seriously. But when a limit was struck, or a decision was to be made, you dug in. You had been through harder things elsewhere (though you didn't make too big a deal about that), but I am proud to have shared the struggles of those days, and the fun, as a member of your team. Remember us. Paul


12/28/2008 06:33:47 PM

I was privileged to know Bob. A smart, funny, and humane man, a generous colleague, a powerful writer, a brilliant publisher. I am eternally grateful that his Beliefnet legacy lives on. --Wendy


12/28/2008 05:21:50 PM

My condolences to his family and friends. It sounds like he will indeed be missed.


12/25/2008 03:16:31 PM

Bob had a gift for treating everyone - from the CEO of a company down to the receptionist - with courtesy and respect. I'm sure I can speak for many when I say that I am a better person for having been exposed to his warmth, humor, gravitas, and generosity.


12/25/2008 01:03:02 PM

The cliche is that they threw away the mold after they made someone, and in Bob's case it is really true. Bob was one of a kind -- a really smart business person with a wit that could go from trenchant to silly in 30 seconds, and a huge heart. Very few business people can write -- and again Bob was exceptional. His inimitable voice came through whatever the topic. His book, Guts: One American Guy's Restless, Lucky Life will be published by Random House in May. His bereft friends, and I am proud to count myself a Nylender, can console ourselves by seeing thousands of people meet this remarkable man through his printed words.


12/25/2008 12:16:18 PM

Im very sorry to hear of BOBS death and am greatful to him for his contributions to B.N. it can be said he fofilled a part of his purpose in life by building this bridge that we have to reach one another to recieve and give help much needed,ive reaped much through B.N. and owe my healing to mr.NYLEN may GOD recieve his sole as he rest in peace.


12/25/2008 09:10:17 AM

I never met him and did not know about him. But I'm very grateful that he created Beliefnet, it's an amazing community and it's been an incredible experience for me to be a member for 7 years now. My condolences to you. Maya


12/24/2008 09:47:22 PM

Although I never met Bob, we spoke on the phone several times, and of course I knew him through clients like Steve, Sujay, Ben and Mike. Even though we never met, Bob was generous enough to send business my way and was always a wise participant in the process of placing candidates. I was always amazed by his determination to carry on despite various treatments he was undergoing. God's speed Mr. Nylon. So many will miss you and remember you fondly.


12/24/2008 07:46:13 PM

my last communications w my dear friend and crazy wiser uncle in business and life were a few emails last week. i just reread them and they made me laugh again. i appreciate so many things about bob. he helped me start the company i started w ben; he taught us so many things to us, like that being business partners was like being married but without the warm balm of sex to bring you together during the bad times. of all the lessons bob taught me, the one i appreciate most was how appropriate it is to be inappropriate sometimes. thank you for everything bob and miss you already! thank you Steve for putting this up. as always, beliefnet is there when we need it most. mike


12/24/2008 05:58:59 PM

Bob was a unique and wonderful man. I count him as both a mentor and a friend. I will not forget his humor, charm, spirit, honesty, and all the great times we had laughing as he told us stories of the old days of media. Those were days he missed and knew well, but he never never mourned them to the exclusion of the new. I cannot say I have ever worked or even known anyone quite like Bob. He encouraged me when I was discouraged, counseled me when I was looking for direction, listened to me like it mattered and mostly made me laugh. He made a few of us laugh regularly and I remember hardly ever wanting to pass up a chance to here him tell his stories. I will miss him.


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