Showing Love, Spending Time

In 'Wisdom of Our Fathers,' newsman Tim Russert shares some of the responses he received to his first book on fatherhood.


06/19/2006 01:27:58 PM

It is interesting that history is being re-written about the parenting skills and lack of from the generations that have past or are ready to pass. My grandparents grew up in the depression, my parents are children of them and grew up as their parents were in WWII. These people spent their child rearing years pretty screwed-up. Of course, to hear my grandparents talk now, they know everything and how to do it right (in their 80's). My parents remember it differently. To hear my parents talk now, they know everything and how to do it right and never did the things they did back when (in their 60's). I remember it quite differently. Hopefully, my children will rewrite history for me and let me explain how I knew everything and did it right when I had my shot at it, LOL!


06/17/2006 11:15:29 AM

I really like this story, but it seem Tim been pushing this for about a month or too. I am getting bit tired of hearing it, but i love some of the stoires he tell in them for sure. Thank you Tim for sharing it with hus and I know when it sunday it meet the press. lol