Making Work Meaningful


On my way to work, I:

1. Walk with a spring in my step. I look forward to it.

2. Stroll. I like work but I'm in no hurry to get there!

3. Practically sleepwalk. Another day, another dollar.

4. Trudge. Agony awaits.

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Work of the Heart

No matter what you do for a living, any job can a form of ministry.


By Judith Valente

Playing Hooky

Taking time away from the office can get us back into the flow of life.

By Arthur Magida

Bring God to Work

Seven ways to refocus your spirit when your job gets you down.

By Brian Finnerty

Born to Be... What?

Transforming your passion into a career.

By Belleruth Naparstek

Workplace Awakenings

The next time you get bored at work, try waking up instead of zoning out.

By Michael Carroll

Daily Spiritual Practice for Job Seekers

Simple ways to infuse spirituality and the sacred into your job search.

By William Carver

When Work Is Spiritually Toxic

How Opus Dei helped a stressed-out doctor find God on the job.

By Jenny A. Driver, M.D.

Listening to Life
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