Supporting Caregiving Families

A guide for faith communities.


07/24/2010 05:23:57 AM

I have been a care giver all my life to family and friends. I lost so many loved ones in the past few years and in 2007 I lost my husband and 6 other's friends and family. I moved back to Utah because I was needed here for my daughter and best friend of 37 years. I have been here going on 30 months and still helping and being the strong for everyone. I am disabied and live off of $852 a month. I am so mentally and phyically exhausted. I have tried so hard not to show how much I need help or hate to even ask because so many depend on me. Everyone thinks I am the strong one and I don't let anyone know how much I need someone anyone to help me now I pray all the time to give me the strength not to let anyone see me cry and how much I'm hurting. How can I express my sorrow and needs when there are so many that need me.


04/18/2008 12:32:06 AM

I facilitate a ministry at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas known as Care for the Caregiver(CFTC). This is both an outreach as well as a pastoral ministry. We try to provide a warm supportive atmosphere where caregivers can share, gather resources, listen to speakers but really just have a moment to themselves. We always began with gathering around coffee and food(I think this is an Episcopal rule of some sort). A free chair massage is provided. We only get together from 9-12am once a month but this time together seems to really make a difference.....especially for me! I would welcome any commnets or suggestions or would be happy to answer any questions. I have encouraged those that I have come in contact with to go to as source of comfort and inspiration. Thank you for providing such a wonderful site.


05/07/2006 11:45:50 AM

i am catholic.i am only aware of catholic charities being supportive along with churches to a vincent de paul caters to the needy here also.