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A Fresh Start

Date: 01/22/2016

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad and relieved that we are finally in 2016 And just in time, is all I can say. The house-of-cards-culture of deception, cynical exploitation, excess and greed that has prevailed for the past decades has collapsed under the weight of its own consumption, crushing the lives and dreams of millions of people. A new year, a new beginning, a fresh start is just ...

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A Prayer For Supernatural Matchmaking

Date: 01/21/2016

He will send his angel ahead of you, and he will see to it that you find a wife there for my son. “O Lord, God of my master, Abraham,” he prayed. “Please give me success today, and show unfailing love to my master, Abraham. See, I am standing here beside this spring, and the young women of the town are coming out to draw water. This is my request. I will ask one of them, ‘Please give me ...

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