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Should you be taking TCM herb Eucommia? 6 instances when the answer is “Yes”.

Date: 07/14/2014

Considered a power-herb just second to Ginseng, Eucommia is a Chinese herb that has a wide variety of health and medical properties, and has been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners for thousand of years. It is only recently that elsewhere, people are starting to learn about and use this herb for its health-promoting qualities. Should you be incorporating the herb into your ...

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Love is scary and business is too.

Date: 07/13/2014

Last week I was driving to meet my sister-goddess-mentor-friend, Kellie Kuecha before she left on her travels. She was in town for a few days, so it was easy for me to meet up with her kid-free.  I had taken her branding class a few months ago as I gathered info and kept tipping my toe in the business waters. I'm still in the shallow end as I eye the deep end, not with fear, just cautiously s ...


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