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Interview: David Dobkin of "The Judge"

Date: 10/14/2014

Interviewing David Dobkin was a double pleasure for me. First, I loved the film he co-wrote and directed, " The Judge ," starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall. And second, he is the son of old friends Jim and Irma Dobkin, now sadly gone, but still great influences on the lives of our family. The night before our interview, I did a Q&A with David at a screening of the film, and he talke ...

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Why Ordinary Christians Can -- and Should -- Speak up

Date: 10/13/2014

When you live in a small town with a major employment base being the school district, you're not particularly popular when you speak against the party line. But since the friends you make by constantly agreeing with others aren't real friends, I had no problem writing a letter to the editor against a $20 million bond (you got that right -- a $20 million bond in a county of 4,000 people), outlining ...

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