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men should accept blame; women should assert agency

Date: 12/01/2014

The following rant was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine, and I have her permission to reproduce it in its entirety. Systems of patriarchy are sometimes so entrenched, we just accept them as part of normal daily interactions. Popular discourse often maintains that it's men who do such and such to women--thereby reinforcing the active/passive stereotype--but it's easily forgotten that wo ...

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Men Who Are Champions of Women

Date: 12/12/2014

I have this best guy friend from high school. I will call him, “Daughtry” since he reminds me of the singer. He will love this reference. Not long after I begin this whole divorce process (days actually) he’s knocking on my front door. It is no matter that he lives all the way in Connecticut. This is “Daughtry.” I don’t remember a time when he didn’t show up for me in life. He has always been pre ...

Related Topics: Love And Family, Divorce, Catholic, Gratitude, Strength, Healing

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