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Interview: John Turturro of "Fading Gigolo"

Date: 04/14/2014

John Turturro may be the most versatile actor in films.  Who else has worked so often with such a wide range of directors, from the Coen brothers ("The Big Lebowski," "Barton Fink," "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and "Miller's Crossing") and Spike Lee ("Do the Right Thing," "Jungle Fever," "He Got Game")  to Woody Allen ("Hannah and Her Sisters"), Adam Sandler, and the Transformer movies? Turturr ...

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Magic Johnson's ASPiRE TV network unveils 2014-2015 programming

Date: 04/10/2014

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. ASPiRE aims high. ASPiRE, a partnership of UP TV and basketball legend-turned-entrepreneur Earvin "Magic" Johnson, has unveiled its programming slate for the second half of 2014 into 2015. The ambitious development roster showcases the network’s ongoing commitment to presenting positive African-American images to its vie ...

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