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The Night Before

Date: 11/19/2015

[caption id="attachment_37694" align="alignright" width="300"] Copyright Sony 2015[/caption] Seth Rogen. Not very surprising guest stars. Many mind-altering substances. Many bodily fluids and functions. Many bad choices. No ability to allow women to be funny, even with some of the best comic actresses of our time in the cast. Haven't we been here before? That's the question the characters in ...

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Why You Need Safe Friends in Divorce

Date: 11/17/2015

Some time ago, I sat with a group of friends. One of the women was going through a divorce and her husband was playing games and behaving badly. He was also charming and handsome and still welcomed by many. My friend sat exasperated when someone mentioned that they had been somewhere with him the past weekend. "Why can't everyone see it?" she whimpered. I leaned close to her and I whispered, " ...

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