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Midlife Matters

Date: 06/26/2015

Uncomfortable talks you should have with your Doctor By Dr. Karen Hardart As women move beyond the child-bearing years, their responsibilities and sources of stress can shift and even increase. But the transition from mommy to midlife shouldn't be a crisis. Women in their forties and fifties are often called the sandwich generation for a reason. We're still parenting, yet may find ourselves c ...

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Courage is Necessary....Take Action Today, with Love!

Date: 07/01/2015

We are powerful beyond measure. We are here to be in service to our purpose.  We are the people. Everytime I think about the great women I know and have inspired me I am brought to tears.  For all that have come before me and all that will follow.  May today mark the fullest expression of freedom and love and victory over doubt or fear. In the end it is better to have tried. It is better to ...

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