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The Heart Is The Home of Wonder

Date: 04/15/2015

By Edie Weinstein, PA www.liveinjoy.org Breathe in the warmth of this place, allowing yourself to feel a sense of welcome It is your own love, your own beauty that beckons you inside How long has it been, since you have crossed this threshold? The door has always been open, the invitation always extended Will you accept it now? Through the windows streams sunlight, casting rainbow designs on ...

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Breaking the Taboo about Menopause

Date: 04/13/2015

Kim Cattrall talks on Canadian TV about Sensitive Skin, her new television show: Kim Cattrall talked this week about why she wants to give a voice to women our age and the changes and challenges we face. Kim Cattrall is becoming something of a poster girl for the menopause and getting the topic out in the open. In Sensitive Skin, a black comedy, she plays Davina Jackson, an ex-actress and mod ...

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