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Ugh...that mom again.

Date: 08/17/2014

"That" mom is different for everyone. Some people dread seeing that mom that is perfect.  Some may not want to that mom who seems angry and on edge.  Yesterday, I was hoping I would not be that latter mom, as I was so her the day before.  I can have a lot of patience and then sometimes it seems like I have none...zilch...zero.  But it's because a lot has led up to it.  My four year old is stil ...



Hurt People Hurt People?

Date: 08/17/2014

Lately, I have been pondering this conundrum: Why do people make violence acceptable? I see so many photos and videos of people hurting animals and people, images of abuse that whoever shot the films somehow think is cool. I understand why folks post them so that someone can identify the perpetrators and stop them. As a therapist for decades I have heard the adage that 'hurt people hur ...

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