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Going Home, With Realistic Expectations

Date: 04/29/2016

Sitting with women friends at coffee one day, the conversation turned to the topic of mothers and daughters. There we sat, discussing how to feel like grown ups around our moms. Visits home often left these women feeling like they were ten-years-old again. At one point, they all turned to me and said, “Ok start dishing out the advice. You wrote a book on mothers and daughters. Give us some hel ...

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Being a Good Example

Date: 04/27/2016

A little over 20 years ago, Charles Barkley famously said in a Nike ad, “I am not a role model.” It was a naïve statement.  The truth is that we are all role models. Each of us is setting an example for someone, every minute of every day.  You can’t walk away from that reality.  The people you interact with are watching what you do.  And by your words and actions, you are influencing others, wh ...


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