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5 Nonverbal Behaviors to Influence Others

Date: 07/31/2015

Robert is at an  office party. He's been working hard and wants to win over his colleagues and make a good impression. He's wondering if there is anything he can do right now to win people over. Actually, there is, especially when it comes to his nonverbal behavior. 1) When Robert talks, he should nod his head. Nodding gets people to not only agree with you more, but also judge you as telling ...

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To My Daughter, I Will Beg

Date: 07/31/2015

by  N'tima Preusser Military wife and new mother   One hundred and seven pounds. I worked hard for that weight. I was light. I was frail. I counted my corn kernels. My skin was colorless, punctuated with clogged pores, and my eyes were yellowing, my external organs corroding as if to prove that my insides were struggling. But you could see my collar bones, and that is what mattered. ...

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