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"Nothing happens until it is dreamed"

Date: 07/27/2014

The memory of a dream is the memory of a journey. It may have been a short visit to a neighbor's place or a date with the lover you will meet three years from now. It may have been a journey to the spirits on the moon, or into a universe inside a stone that is as big as the universe out there. When your dreamsoul goes flying, it visits the future and brings back memories of things that haven’t ...

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Letting Satan Win

Date: 07/25/2014

Don't be fooled: this is a goat, not Satan. And she's actually a very awake goat -- the others in the herd watch what she does, because she is the most alert to danger of all of them. Shouldn't Christians be a bit more like this? Photo credit by Steve Henderson Fine Art Fear is one of Satan's best weapons, because it's relatively inexpensive. For a minimal outlay, Satan -- who generally wo ...

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