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6 Things French Women Can Teach Us About Aging Gracefully

Date: 08/19/2015

By Shelley Emling Before moving to the New York City area, I lived in London for seven years. During that period, I traveled more than two dozen times to France, a place where five- or six-week vacations are the norm and many people retire comfortably at 60 or younger. I made many wonderful French friends and was more than a little awed at the way they aged so gracefully. Are they perfect? Of c ...

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Sleeping with the Enemy Part 2 of 3

Date: 08/27/2015

  Try and visualize the things you love about yourself…… your passions, your natural talents that the Lord has so graciously blessed you with. Think about your role in your family and friends life.. What makes you come alive? The way it feels when you laugh, your carefree spirit. Your style... How you are wonderfully and uniquely made.. Now think about your physical features.. your smi ...

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