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Holding on to your dream handbag

Date: 11/22/2014

I  don't carry a handbag myself, but I have come to know a bit about women’s purses and pocketbooks, and especially how they feature in dreams. I have talked with hundreds of women about their dreams of handbags over the years. In leading dream theater in my workshops I have been struck by how often a pocketbook has proven to be a key element in the drama – lost or stolen, at risk, flaunted or ...

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Wonder Woman's Amazing Secret History

Date: 11/20/2014

Copyright Knopf 2014 Historian Jill Lepore is one of my favorite writers and I am also a Comic-Con-attending fangirl, so I was thrilled to get a chance to hear Professor Lepore speak at the Smithsonian about her new book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman . There are only three superheroes who have appeared for decades without any interruptions: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. But lik ...

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