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How to Be Visible

Date: 06/24/2015

By Rebecca Perkins Reprinted From The Huffington Post   "I'm not interested in being perfect when I'm older. I'm interested in having a narrative. It's the narrative that's really the most beautiful thing about women." - Jodie Foster There used to be a time (and in certain cultures this still exists) when women of a certain age were respected and held in high esteem. They were recogniz ...

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Full disclosure: I've been suffering from Empty Next Syndrome

Date: 06/29/2015

By Wendi Knox I know this isn't a condition that's commonly discussed. A) Because it's so uncomfortable. B) Because I just made it up. Of course, there's lots of talk about "empty nests. " But you don't need to be sending a kid off to college to feel that deep, hollow ache of "NOW WHAT?"  echoing  through your soul. You can experience Empty Next Syndrome (ENS) after a birth, a death, a move ...

Related Topics: Blog 111, Holistic Living, Healing, Empty Nest

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