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a long long time ago, or, updating our moral software

Date: 02/26/2015

  This used to be the way America looked at women voting. And to be honest, some of these jokes are still around. But for the vast majority of Americans, we accept that women have the right to vote.  Even though it's not in the original Constitution. That's an important 'even though,' since far too many of my colleagues of the right believe that only what is in the original Constitut ...

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Some of the Bravest Women I Know

Date: 02/25/2015

I swing open the door of the local coffee shop. I cross the threshold and spy two friends. I stop and chat with them for a moment. They are aware of my marital struggles. What can I say? The writer in me has for lack of a better term always made my life an open book. These are two of the kindest women I know. They are warm and uplifting. "Don't worry," they tell me. "You can be a part of our ...

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