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Women and Sharia

Date: 03/23/2015

"No group is more harmed by sharia than Muslim women -- a reflection in part of the patriarchal tribal culture out of which Islamic law emerged." Admittedly, the writer is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a controversial figure in Islam. However, she does have a point: men and women are treated differently in whatever version of sharia you want to name -- and in every case, women are "less" than men. It'll ...

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Life Begins at 42

Date: 03/27/2015

Saint Hildegard’s Guide to Becoming a Midlife Powerfrau By Mary Sharratt We live in a youth-obsessed culture. The cosmetic industry pushes wrinkle creams and hair dye on us while celebrities resort to Botox and surgery to preserve an illusion of eternal girlhood. We live longer than ever before, yet advancing age, once a mark of honour, has become a source of shame. But what happens when wo ...

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