Most Inspiring Person of 2010

For ten years Beliefnet has honored extraordinary individuals who have made the world a better place through their amazing accomplishments. This year's candidates are equally remarkable.


02/07/2011 04:36:36 PM

She is a wonderful soul and I am truely proud of her as well because she has gone through so much but never complained she used that situation for good and wonderful acts. MAY GOD BLESS SHE AND HER ENTIRE FAMILY NOW AND FOR ALL TIME AS I AM SURE HE WILL!!!


02/07/2011 04:33:06 PM

This child deserves all of credit in the world because he has done so much for so many people and look how young he is when I see other kids of his age doing horrible things. I think that he has been hidden for to long at least when it comes to my age but I am so glad to hear of him. His mother must be so proud of him as I would.


02/04/2011 06:27:18 AM

i can say Joshua was first inspired to help the hungry after seeing a TV infomercial for Feed The Children it performance so good. Zen Cleanse


02/02/2011 12:13:13 PM

For 2011, I vote already for Laura Einsenhower Laura Eisenhower: Unity consciousness will collapse military-industrial complex


01/23/2011 06:09:24 PM

I am voting for AL. Everyone of these remarkable humans are inspirational. However, he is reaching so many by turning his own sorrow into hope for so many. Have you ever talked to someone homeless? Not all are manipulators. They are some of the sweetest and helpless souls. It is humbling to my soul.


01/20/2011 10:28:17 AM

I'm voting for Maddie Banineau.Wha a selfless young woman.


01/19/2011 02:34:55 PM

I vote for Joshua, he is a wonderful person, with a great cause to help "Stomp out Hunger" throughout the world. His apiration as such a young age is heart warming to us all. Joshua, you are an inspiration to all young kids your age!! God Bless you and I hope you win!!


01/16/2011 09:08:04 AM

I vote for Joshua!


01/12/2011 12:17:31 PM

Joshua goes to school with my son Ali and brings such pure light and joy. Little man's heart is the size of the universe and Joshua has such a clear concise understanding of what he is doing, his goals he is setting and not just doing what he is instructed, but knowledge about Joshuqa's Heart Fd. Inc. We love you Joshie!! Tara and Ali 2011


01/11/2011 05:46:58 AM

Joshua adds so much to our community such a young open heart


01/08/2011 06:26:29 PM

Vote for Joshua, he's an awesome little human!


01/08/2011 04:14:31 PM

How do i vote?


01/08/2011 10:10:28 AM

"Joshua Williams is a genuine role model for all humanity and I am very proud to stand by this young emerging leader as a volunteer to serve a community with a need."


01/08/2011 12:05:48 AM

I "Liked" all. They are all very inspiring, in their own ways, and in the context of their circumstances and challenges they faced. They all rose up to the occasion and let their Spirits soar above the limitations. I don't see why they have to "compete" to be the Most Inspiring Person of the Year. They all are already! Congratulations!


01/07/2011 06:25:30 PM

Just figured it out. Just hit the facebook like button at the end of the profile of the person you want to vote for.


01/07/2011 06:21:51 PM

Okay so how do I vote?????


01/07/2011 05:52:44 PM

I can't find how to vote.


01/07/2011 05:41:15 PM

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01/07/2011 05:09:34 PM

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01/07/2011 04:57:27 PM

Al Barsema gets my vote. Having helped 10,000 homeless people and affected the lives of over 80,000, is a stunning achievement. Yes, my hat is off to all the nominees - with sincere thanks for your contributions. You deserve great respect from all Americans. Take well deserved pride in being selected as a nominee.


01/07/2011 04:05:40 PM

HOW do you vote????


01/07/2011 03:57:07 PM

This is a tough choice. Sgt. Giunta would get my vote in other years, but I must vote for the Chilean miners. It was awe-inspiring, and spirit lifting. God bless both the miners and Sgt. Giunta!


01/07/2011 03:52:40 PM

I have served in combat with ordinary men with extraordinary courage this man exemplifies extraordinary courage I wish I was as brave as he is