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12/01/2008 09:36:47 PM

May God Bless you all with the disturbing issues you have in your hearts and minds may he strengthen your souls spiritualy and give you true wisdom of what God wants us to do in our everyday walk with the LORD. ALL OF US HAS THE SAME COLOR BLOOD, THE SAME AS JESUS. JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US AND SHED HIS SAME COLOR BLOOD FOR US SINNERS . May God Bless you in Jesus Name. Have a very blessed day. :)


12/01/2008 02:03:55 AM

I just join Beliefnet i am true christian and i have a real big concern about some of these people on this website and its about what they say about Mr. Obama I am american soldier in iraq and all i here is negative talks about him like some of the comment like lets hope he doesnt forget his white half and white followers and that he was only elected president because hes black and they fill this country has sign its death warrant that he hasnt done nothing and there glad hes not on the list O I thought when you when you become president of the greatest country in the world and inspiring not only many american (whites included) but other people in other countries to acheive pass what everyone thought was impossible was something I feel those comment are unchristian and racist we wonder why people stop coming to church and go atheist its because some of are fellow christians push them away they believe only in the belief when its helps out them or only a certain group christianity is not a race its a faith Every President from Mr Washington To Mr Bush ideas were questionable and yet we still proceded foward and personally we didnt not put on this uniform to protect one group or one race we did it for everyone you suppose to be christians have already cast the first stones before he can do anything Have you forgot Judgement is the lords only


11/30/2008 10:30:52 PM

I agree that Mr. Obama is not all African American; he is half white. I trust he doesn't forget his white half and white followers.


11/30/2008 09:38:10 PM

Like some other peoples why Barach Obama name not here it true he not the president yet but this i know he Inspiring lots of America oh yes lots of peoples in other country to i can tell you about some peoples in the philippines to have a president of USA peoples that look like Barach Obama most peoples don`t know lots of black peoples in the philippines they was the first peoples in the philippines they are so happy USA have a black man as president they just hope the world can here about the forgot peoples of the philippines they are call the Negritos peoples that the name Spain give them when the Spanish come to philippines in 1542 oh yes the Spanish did bring some of the Negritos as slave to the new world so we in USA and in philippines Inspiring about the new president of the USA. all those peoples saying bad thing about Obama what have they did to make USA a better place ,


11/30/2008 09:06:17 PM

Barack did not get elected President because of what he has done.or what he has said that he can do....he got it because he is African American. I'm really scared of what is going to happen to this country...I hope I'm wrong but I think that this country just signed thier own death warrant.


11/30/2008 06:01:12 PM

First, let me say Barak Obama is not totally African American, his mother is white. Second, as of yet he has done nothing. Third, he has questionable ideas. For me I'm glad he is not on this list.


11/30/2008 04:28:13 PM

nobho, I suppose you are not affected one little bit by the election of Barack Obama, the first African American President who has so transformed the Presidential Election process forever and who has given himself as the servant of the American people at a time when we all need someone and something to believe in after 8 years of failed foreign and domestic policies that have left us more vulnerable internationally and who is seen by Al Qaeda as a threat to their campaign to rid the world of those who they see as contrary to their own religious Jihad! A man who has been targeted by any and all people in the country who continue to believe that their way of thinking is right for the country, and our children? I suggest rather than measuring other's contributions to the US and the world, you think about what you have provided to make your neighborhood, your community, and your world a better place! Shameful display of jealousy, envy and hating on someone who only wants the best for you and must dislike yourself quite a bit for your choice to set on the sidelines of life and bellyache about those with the courage to make change happen!


11/30/2008 12:01:22 PM

I believe everyone would be fortunate to watch that :"Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. It is free, and the biggest bargain in this universe. I believe Time should name him man of the year, of the century.


11/30/2008 11:53:03 AM

Obama does not belong anywhere as most inspiring. He's done nothing!


11/30/2008 11:43:47 AM

So blacks don't count...Shame, shame. shame..Barak Obama.


11/30/2008 11:37:08 AM

I can't believe you didn't include Barak Obama! He's got my vote, whether he's on your list or not.


11/30/2008 11:17:24 AM

Where's Barrack Obama????


11/26/2008 11:26:00 AM



11/20/2008 06:02:40 PM

Where's Barak Obama?


11/20/2008 03:41:32 PM

it is fine and remarkable to meet the challenges of breast cancer; I should know, I have had it twice. Eight years apart. To me, someone who is truly deserving of an award is someone such as Paul Newman, or the doctor who is from Darfur, the marine who lost his leg in combat, the boy scouts who showed their muster and courage in the aftermath of a deadly storm. These are people made of special stuff! God bless them! If you are to give a cancer award, give it to a child with an incurable cancer, or to someone with pancreatic or lung cancer. The Lord wants your prayers for them!


11/20/2008 08:40:01 AM

All these people deserve the reward They are all so inspiring that I cannot vote on who should get the title.


11/19/2008 09:11:52 PM

I support Darra Tores as the Nominee of Most Inspirational Person! She has achieved - head above HEELS - FAR more than most ANY American will EVER achieve in his/her lifetime. I acn NOT NOT NOT support "Spanky" Williams, or whatever his name is, in that I do NOT NOT NOT support WAR!!! Darra, GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/19/2008 11:12:14 AM

I am surprised that Obama would not be in this he has inspired many to vote for the first time, inspired a sense of unity, and has become the first black president giving inspiration to all to reach for their dreams....


11/19/2008 11:07:07 AM

I'm really surprised that Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America" is not on the list for her indepth sharing of her bout with breat cancer.


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