Steven Curtis Chapman

After a horrific tragedy, the singer and adoption advocate united his family through faith.


11/30/2008 04:47:20 PM

I have always known Steve Chapman and have admired him tremendously. He is truly a man of God and desires to reach other for the Lord..with the way he dealt with the horrible tradgedy of this family just is another example of how Christians who REALLY lean on the Lord in everything can make it through a tragedy like this and be an inspiration to us all...God Bless this man and his ministry..He is truly led by the Lord and can show others what a difference it makes when you have the Lord to lean on or if you have no faith and nothing...Does that speak to certainly should!


11/28/2008 02:52:17 AM

My father has worked for Steven for over 10 years now. I have known Steven since I was in high school. He is a great man and I have always admired him. Al most three years ago a tradgedy ocurred to my family like what has happened to the Chapman family. IT broke my heart and made the depression of my own situation even more crushing. Speaking to my father and knowing this Steven called and talked to me one day while waiting on a flight. We spoke for a while and he prayed with me over the phone. Knowing this mans own tradgedy was so recent and mine somewhat distant the selflessness he showed to call and inspire me to keep going during his own darkest hours shows what a phenomenal man of god he is And I thank god that I have been able to know such a great man in my life time. It is truely a blessing. Steven is one of the most insipirng men I have ever known in my life. In fact the only man I know more inspiring in history is my own father. I love them both dearly and hope my own son grows up to be like them.

Ray Callahan

11/27/2008 01:27:41 PM

What an incredible family. We saw Steven perform in Fort Lauderdale with Michael W. Smith a few weeks ago. He gave testimony about this song and you could see the pain and hurt in his eyes as he delivered his words. A true inspiration and a man worthy of being called "The Most Inspiring Person of the Year!" Thank you Steven Curtis Chapman.

hannah : )

11/20/2008 12:44:26 PM

this family is so awesome, they have shown unbelievable strength and poise in the midst of terrible heartbreak. a win for steven would be a win for the entire chapman family, my votes on him!


11/18/2008 06:37:18 PM

A family of great strength and resilience, I wish you the best. Your efforts to help others is something for us all to strive for. I can't even imagine the pain you must have gone through.