Randy Pausch

This beloved professor's "last lecture" video circled the globe and inspired millions to live their dreams.

grandma Glo

12/14/2008 09:59:54 PM

My husband fought the fight of pancreatic cancer right along with Randy,however my husbands attitude was not as positive. Because of this I feel he suffered more than he should have.This in turn made the people who loved him suffer.Randy's daily blogs and his book and videos keep my family strong through this horrible journey. the fact that he had cancer is beside the point.His profound lessons in the last lecture are not about dying but about how to make the most of every day.My husband died just 2 days before Randyand I can honestly say on my down days I watch the "lecture" and it reminds me of what and who I can be regardless of what I am going through.The other nominees were also very inspiring and I appreciate all of them and the lessons they taught us but my hope and faith right now are credited to Randy.Quote "I can't stop my family from taking this horrible fall but I can sew the net" He sewed my net too and I'm sure I'm not alone. God bless all of you.


12/03/2008 04:08:48 PM

plwood, Congratulations on being a survivor; in many ways it is harder to live with it rather than die from it. But imagine appearing to be in good health one day, and then being told "We are going to give you a drug that will improve the quality and quantity of life shortly therafter. Imagine what it's like to see your 12 and 8 year old daughters and know that you won't see their 13th and 9th birthdays, much less graduations and marriages and grandchildren. Imagine what its like to live with that, and how you work to make sure that they and their father are prepared for what's going to hit them, sooner than any of you realize to take your mind off of what you are facing. And then, imagine that your partners worse fears were coming true; that this would happen someday because you couldn't quit smoking no matter how much your family pleaded with you to quit, and how your would leave behind a man who cried himself to sleep because life was so overwhelming. And then, tell me how easy it was for Becky to die 9 years ago. Dr. Pausch spoke volumes during his battle with pc. It takes real courage to talk about life's lessons and work to raise awareness of pc as it's stealing your life away. He's more than worthy.


12/03/2008 03:36:44 PM

As the daughter of a man who is fighting metastasized pancreatic cancer, I have to say that it takes a great deal of courage to live while facing death. It is not because Pausch died that makes him a valiant nominee; it is how he faced death that makes what he has done so imporant and inspiring. He has given so many people hope, and that is something my family needs daily! If someone said that it does not take courage to die from cancer, then I dare them to look my Dad in the face and tell him that. He fights against the odds every single day. (only 5% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive more than 1 year) That takes courage. And if nothing else Randy Pausch brought awareness to a disease that doesn't receive enough attention, money for research or understanding. I thank God every day for what Mr. Pausch did and pray that the awareness that was raised for pancreatic cancer through his book could help lead to increases in research and eventually a cure. Pausch turned a negative in his life into a positive for others.That is inspiring to me!


11/30/2008 04:41:55 PM

While Dr. Pausch shared his preparation for death with many people who needed that lecture, I cannot in all honesty feel that he is the person that everyone has chosen for this honor. To live and die is something that all men face, some better than others... Living takes a lot of courage these days, dying is one of the ways that men escape the consequences of their actions while here on earth! When one is told they are dying one either becomes angry and envious or they decide to leave something behind that is better than themselves, children, a good book, wine, and for some, a new philosophy about life that they can share with others who are not as unfortunate they are. Wisdom sometimes only comes when one is faced with their own mortality...a professor by trade should leave his students something that will help them have a better life, that in and of itself is the role of the teacher, the professor who many say was brilliant, but Dr. Pausch's last lecture could have come from any of the millions of people who are diagnosed in this country every year with various types of cancer, and who are not lucky enough to die quickly...somehow that makes me, a three time cancer survivor feel a little be cheated because it takes much more courage and strength to survive and live with cancer, than it does to die from it!


11/30/2008 11:13:53 AM

Professor Randy Pausch, many thanks to the inspiring wisdom and life lessons you left us with!!!! God bless your family!


11/30/2008 06:52:38 AM

Associations related to Professor Randy Pausch : wisdom... deep sight inside the secrets of our being ....brave and great heart, open mind, brilliant intelligence....ability to face with all and everything with a huge sense of humor....Well, no matter when and how, everyone of us gonna die. With his Last Lecture he brought to us real fresh inspiration on what our life's goal should be referred to: be able to face with the death with a smile, otherwise we can not live with a smile. Great man.


11/19/2008 07:16:35 AM

There are professors in our universities who spend class time badmouthing our country and its institutions, especially Christianity. Here was a professor who chose to teach some powerful lessons about life. Those students will never forget him and the impact he had on their lives. I need to be reminded periodically about those things in life that are really important. My wife, children, and grandchildren are the most precious gifts God has given me. Live for today and enjoy it. Right now I am counting my blessings.


11/19/2008 05:49:17 AM

Not meaning to detract from all the other people who did wonderful things during 2008, Randy has to be at the top of the list for most inspiring person of 2008. At this very moment there may be someone whose dealings with the circumstances of life will cause the world to call them the most inspiring of 2009. But that will be then and this is now. Frankly, I am hard pressed to think of anyone in recent years who had such an impact in such a short time. Yes, I realize that the way he lived his entire life is all part of the story but until the last lecture came out, everything else was building up to that point.


11/18/2008 07:07:00 PM

"The Last Lecture" which for me was very inspiring and emotional, was the greatest gift he could have given his own children, needless to say all that listened to it. There aren't very many men who can talk so openly about what they are going through, and with such depth and feeling about his children. Brings home, again -- that it is the "Little things in Life, are really the Big Things!"" Thanks Randy, I'm sure your kids and wife are still feeling those fantastic big hugs!


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