Halima Bashir

Tortured and raped in Darfur for saving girls' lives, this young doctor is determined to end the continuing brutality against women and children.


11/30/2008 05:44:49 PM

what can i say! you're very aspiring. May Allah bless and keep you and your family. it is hard to understand what you've endured...I hope your voice is heard throughout the world to stop this unnecessary violence towards women.


11/30/2008 03:53:31 PM

Dear Halim: It is hard to comprehend the violence and torture that is being committed against women in your country. My heart goes out to you for everything that you have endured. I hope that you will once again be reunited with any members of your family who are still alive. Your voice is an important one and your courage is remarkable. My hope for you is that the grace of God will not only heal you very this horrific experience, but he will be able to use it for some greater good. What can we do to help? The situation in Darfur is horrific and I believe that as individuals, we sometimes wonder what we could possibly do to make a difference in a country that is so far away. I realize that we can write to our government officials and I certainly plan on doing that, and hope that others will also. I will look forward to your book coming out and will pray for the situation to be greatly improved in your country. May God bless and keep you along your journey!

Pa Joof

11/23/2008 02:01:08 PM

Dear Halima, The step you have taken is praise worthy, and it takes people like you to win the battle against the injustices inflicted on women and children in our Continent (Africa), and around the world. Keep the fight, the long overdue freedom and respect for the dignity of women will surely be achieved - there is light in the tunnel. Your gallantry has brought hope and life to many out there, who have nobody to fight for them, but someone like you who shared their experience. I THANK GOD FOR YOUR LIFE.


11/22/2008 04:05:38 AM

To Halima: Nothing I can say is worthy of you. When I think of lesser things that we fail to do because of how others will treat us, I am ashamed. You gave everything for this purpose. There is no reward on Earth equal to what you have given. Your true reward lies in Heaven and in the hearts of the people who have read your story or heard your words, or those you helped. May God bless you and your family. You have made your father proud.


11/20/2008 11:38:14 AM

I thank God every day that I was born in this great land of America and that it remains the Land of The Free & the Home of The Brave.....I pray for Halima & the women/girls of the Sudan and all the other countries where they are so mistreated every day, that one day those countries will be Free as well from the opression and mistreatment and injustices they do not deserve. May your bravery be vastly rewarded.


11/19/2008 03:41:53 AM

Halima isfighting a noble cause for all women,we dont know the injustice other women suffer around the world,may your light not grow dim,God bless you amen


11/18/2008 02:20:39 PM

Most of us here in the U.S. or in any free country have no concept of the pain and torture you had to endure, or that of the many other women and chidren of your country, but I commend you for your bravery and all the good you are doing to help others. You have the strength of a thousand women, God bless you!