Darin Headrick

An educator whose can-do spirit helped bring a town back to life.


12/02/2008 08:20:59 PM

I am from a small town just 24 miles South of Greensburg, Kansas. I am also an American Red Cross Volunteer. I have never driven in such carnage in my life. I worked at the shelters and heard so many people say they had lost everything and didn't see how Greensburg could ever come out of this. But my friends, with a leader like Darin, they are doing!! I later went on the ERV (emergency response vehicle) to feed the workers that came from all over the U.S.A. to help rebuild this city. Darin Hedrick has been there from the on-set. He has been a leader helping to get this town back on its feet. To drive thru the city now is incredible, to see what they have done. It takes your breath away. Congrats Darin, for your nomination and God bless you my friend. Never stop dreaming. I see dreams coming true everytime I drive thru Greensburg. Good luck Darin. Donna


11/18/2008 02:40:18 PM

Our world needs more visionaries like you, it would be great if we had more people like you in public office, much more would get done on very little, at great benefit. No doubt our government could learn a thing or two from your experience and leadership skills, well done! :)