The Fire Starter Sessions: Find Passion in What You Do for a Living

Author Danielle LaPorte believes the fire you need to live the life of your dreams already flames inside of you.

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"Burnout is not a badge of honor," she says. "When things are easy for you, when you're living and working from that place of your true strength  and natural talent, you're happier. It's super basic. You're in a better mood. When you're in that place, you're more energized. You get to be of more service to other people."

Getting real about what you want and what you're good at is an act of both finding freedom yet also setting boundaries. LaPorte admits that it takes some work. "This is the irony. Making the choices that are based off of what’s easier for you is not always easy. It means you have to be really clear about what you're going to say yes and no to. It means you're going to hurt some people's feelings. You’re going to go  through a bit of an identity crisis. It requires courage. Most of the time, it's so rewarding."

Danielle LaPorte
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According to LaPorte, paying attention to feelings carries a heavy weight in a fire starter's life. She says, "Everything you do, from the food you  eat to the people you hang out with, is about the desire to generate a feeling. 'This is going to make me happy. This is going to make me sad.'  Either way, it's all about feelings. So why don't we get clear on how we want to feel and then do things that will make us feel that way. That's  how to be godly in your own existence. Once you're in that mode, you realize how you feel is a choice. When I'm not feeling great, just considering what I could do to feel better already makes me feel better, because I feel empowered. I feel in charge."


Getting clear on your feelings is only half the journey, LaPorte shares. We all know what it is to be stuck in a rut even after your desires are obvious. It's that comfortable place where you don't know how to get going and life's demands have scheduled out anything that's just for you.  LaPorte has some tough advice for those who are stalling.

"They don't want it bad enough," she says. "No excuses. You want out of that good, mediocre place? No excuses. Helplessness is such a  drag. You can put people in two categories: people who move towards things and people who move away from things out of fear. There's something to that reaction to a dream: 'I don't know how to start' vs. 'I'm going to figure it out.' I would put my money behind the 'I'll  figure it out' people every time even if they didn't have a dime to their name or no former experience.  The people who say, 'I'll figure out'...  they will."

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