Tama Kieves: Inspired and Unstoppable

Kieves discusses all things inspirational and the right path to take to success.

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Do you believe someone with low-confidence (in work and or/themselves) is capable of following their career dreams?

Yes. I believe this is a spiritual path. You are being called by something stronger and more amazing than your opinion of yourself. This is a healing path. I think you don’t have confidence before you start doing what you love. Doing what you love gives you confidence. I didn’t always feel like I could be a teacher or speaker. But in giving my gifts, and having them received, that gave me confidence. Everyone has a natural strength waiting to be unleashed. We are naturally confident when we are doing what’s natural to us. It’s all about the love.

Do you have any regrets? If so, what’s your biggest regret?

I believe everything happens for a reason, and in a right timing we could never imagine, so the big answer is no, I have no regrets. But if I did have one---I think it’s that I wish I’d taken my gifts and dreams more seriously—sooner than I did. We all think our dreams are frivolous and too good to be true. I now believe our desires are our destiny, it’s what’s calling us to be everything we’re meant to be. I wish I hadn’t doubted myself so much or wondered if this would ever go anywhere. But, then, all my personal doubts are also what’s made me a powerful, relatable teacher and coach.

Do you have any tips to people who are currently in career transitioning and following their dreams?

First, I’m just so proud of them! Mainly, I’d want them to know you have your dreams for a reason. You’re called to this path and you’re meant to succeed in the work you love. Your desire will take you all the way.It’s okay to feel like you’re freaking out or that you don’t know how to get there. That’s the path. But this is what I want you to know. What you believe and know to be true when you’re inspired---that’s the real you. That’s what’s true. Everything else is your fear. On the path of becoming inspired and unstoppable, it’s all about learning how to advocate yourself, love yourself, and encourage yourself through everything. That’s going to feed your stamina, determination, and creativity and keep you going. That’s how you’re going to wildly succeed.


I have a technique in my book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! called the “Inspired Self Dialogues.” You write out your fears. And then you let your most loving, championing, wise Inspired Self write back to you. You could write to the Voice of Spirit, your inner teacher, or even the voice of someone who has loved you. Make it up, if you need to. For example, you might imagine--what you’d say to a best friend or your child, someone you wanted the best for, who had this fear that you just wrote. This technique helps a lot of people get in touch with their own deepest intelligence and grace. The path of any kind of transition or reaching for your highest potential often brings up fears. This is a great technique for going past the fear into the amazing life that you are meant to live.

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