Gabrielle Bernstein: The Origins of a Spirit Junkie

The author of Add More ~ing to Your Life shares her journey from party girl to spirit junkie.

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Q. There are so many people wanting to live this quasi-Sex in the City lifestyle. You were there. What wasn’t fulfilling you in that time? What made you want to get out? 

A. By the time I was 23 or 24, that world was no longer glossy anymore. I was really, really disenchanted with the nightlife, and it was very clear to me that it was not fulfilling though it took me another year to really hit my knees. But the reality of that not working was present all throughout. I kept searching, like any kind of junkie;  you are trying to go after the next fix to find it, but it wasn’t working. Getting the ring on my finger won’t work. The job won’t work. The shoes won’t work. Losing the ten pounds won’t wok. I need to figure out how to be happy.

Q. Your first book was called Add More ~ing to your Life. So how did the whole concept of the ~ing develop?

A. ~ing is the voice of our inner guide. It’s the voice of our intuition and inspiration. Originally it was based on a gerund, but what I learned from reporting on these ~ing activities was that ~ing was a lot more than just a physical experience. It is all about connecting to an inner guide. So ~ing then became another way of saying God, another way of saying Holy Spirit.

Q. You've worked with so many people, helping them connect to their ~ing and I'm sure there are numerous success stories. Can you share one story that really touched you?

A. People forgiving their rapist... that’s one of the most severe that I’ve heard. That is a miracle. Women who have overcome drug addiction and gone sober, which is just tremendous to me and so dear to my heart. As a result of talking openly about my sobriety and teaching these tools, many women have gotten sober. Watching women overcome eating disorders blows my mind. I hear the stories all the time, and it’s just incredibly moving to me. One of the thrilling things to me is seeing the friendships that are built as a result of the work that I do, whether it's women that are meeting on my site,, or women who have met through my lectures. As I grew my spiritual depth internally, I started to attract a lot of spiritual running buddies. Inevitably what happened for me was that there was a community. I feel as though I have naturally and effortlessly created a community for women of my generation to have spiritual running buddies that are supporting their internal growth. That is the most moving thing in the world to me.

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