Wild elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of "Elephant Whisperer"

Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 7. His family tells of a solemn procession on March 10 that defies human explanation


07/15/2012 12:41:14 AM

I am a wildlife rehabber, certified by my State DNR. Everyday I am amazed by the intelligence of the animals in my care. The thought they put in adjusting to life with me, however brief, is truely awe inspiring. I have been privledge to have an opossum "protect "me by sleeping by me and not letting anyone near, just quitely showing with his posture that he was on guard. I have had a wild dog, become so bonded to me that she will cry if I must leave her at home I have had a crow bond with a puppy and give her toys, his toys, for her to play with and stand by and watch. When she stops with that one--he would get another. I had a mother opossum come home to have her babies and when I chided her for being "selfish and not sharing with me" she rolled over and showed me the babies in her pouch. They were the size of a bumble bee. She had enough trust in me to share--selfish indeed-loving, intelligent,gentle and so able to get along with the humans that touch their lives. I understand the things that have been said here--but everyday I am in touch with people all over the world that are giving their all to help animals with out thought of praise or compensation. Putting their lives in jepordy to help the animals that other humans would just throw away as nothings.


06/15/2012 05:43:29 PM

The world sorely needs more people like Anthony. And what a wonderful and lovely narrative. People like Anthony are the good eggs of the world and are the ones that I draw inspiration from. May his soul rest in peace- I know it will. His soul and spirt will rest and remain forever in the hearts and minds of those gentle and intelligent creatures that he nurtured and fought so hard to protect from the evils of the world in which we live. James B. Balaban


05/15/2012 08:11:35 PM

If people cannot see the interconnections between all forms of life, it's that they choose not to, not because they aren't there. Quantum entanglement has shown even the most skeptical that there are channels in what we call existence through which everything is connected to everything else, and what we choose to call "life" may be an unnecessary limitation on those connections. Distance is no barrier, and time is irrelevant, species are irrelevant. I keep remembering something from a Richard Bach Book, "Jonathon Livingston Seagull": "There is only one place, and that is Here, only one time, and that is Now. Don't you think that in the middle of Here and Now, we might see each other now and then?" There are strong indications that what we call "the Universe" is some sort of holograph, that spacetime (once thought to be separate things) is a construct, perhaps designed as a way to allow us to experience serial moments, acts and consequences. More than one of those people who have been accounted wise has said that one who knows, who understands, can see everything contained in the entire universe in a single grain of sand. We're starting to learn some Real Things, I think. Whatever the reasons for Where and What we are being as they are, we are as much a part of Everything as anything else. How much of it is what most of us would call "real"? I don't know. What we refer to as "I" may not be one of the "Real" things. Something these elephants demonstrated, though, is that the concept called "Love" IS Real. Everything is connected to everything else, and Love runs through it all. Distance, gender, species, phylum, intellect, maybe even life and death - none of it really matters, it seems to me, except a very few, and Love is definitely one of those. It crossed all of those things that are often thought of as barriers instantly and as easily as if they weren't there at all. Perhaps they aren't, and perhaps we have just been gently, quietly shown what IS Real and what really matters. Ian


05/15/2012 12:32:04 AM

So, now, what more do you want? Read the article. It tells of it was when the man was between the matriarch of the elephants, who had every right to be fuming and angry, and who had previously knocked down the electric fence at its weakest point and then went and smashed the substation, the power source of the electric fence, he stood between her and the electric fence and said when he was in direct eye contact with her: "please, don't, they'll kill you. Don't you understand, they'll kill you and your son and your family. You can't go out there. You must stay with us." The matriarch postured for a moment, and then calmed down. She clearly understood what he said, thought about it, and then realized it was best for her family, the clan she led, to stop the bid for freedom. To keep his word, to show her that he was honest and had integrity, he lived with the elephants for the next 18 months. He slept in trees, and they protected him from lions, leopards, and hyaenas. When he died a few weeks ago, within hours two different elephant herds came out of the woodwork, one herd making a solid 12 hour trek through difficult terrain, to pay their respects to a fallen loved one. How we can ignore all other life as being equal to our own, we do so at our own peril. We will never transcend the physical realm if we remain in the xenophobic provinical state. The door is closing on the potential future where we have Life welcome us to all its wonders. That means you can forget about heaven because it will not be accessable to us. As long as we remain in these numbers and do not expand and colonize new worlds, it will end badly.