British soccer star is a Texan who looks to Heaven after each goal he scores

Clint Dempsey is one of two Americans ever to score in two World Cups. He's the only American to score an English Premier League hat trick. And he has a quiet ritual of a brother's eternal love.

BY: Rob Kerby


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distinguishes itself coincide with Dempsey’s best games.

Airborne, Dempsey scores against Spain

“He was the one, for example, who threw his body headlong into a challenge with Algeria’s goalkeeper at the 2010 World Cup, allowing the ball to skip loose for Landon Donovan to sweep it into the net.

Only two Americans have ever scored in two different World Cups. One of them is Dempsey.

“You know what you’re going to get from him,” says U.S. national team captain Carlos Bocanegra. “He’s somebody who you want on your team every time because he gives everything.”

The humble, devout Catholic with “Psalm 23” tattooed on his arm is a sensation in the English Premier League, which doesn’t have a history of letting just any Yank show up and show them how the game is played.

But they love his trademark gift for “finishing,” then glancing at the sky, sometimes pointing heavenward …

As he remembers that pledge made as a 12-year-old to his big sister …

Who promised to be waiting in the net.

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