What did my dream mean?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

After you’ve first looked at the dream as a whole, you can — especially if you’re still having trouble with the meaning — look at it in many additional ways to find what technique or combination of them works best for you.

One way is to look at the pictures in your dream.

A woman dreamed that she had a bee buzzing around in her upswept hair; a man dreamed that a bear pushed him off the roof.

Sound strange?

If you know that the woman had a “bee in her bonnet” (was irritated) the day before and that the man is a stock investor in danger from a falling or "bear" market, these dreams make sense.

Think of the elements in your dream as concrete depictions of abstract concepts (or figures of speech).

Most dreams or parts of dreams are simply ideas expressed in symbolic language. Also, they may be something like a picture puzzle -- for example, a graphic image of a house with wings ... a house fly!

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