Is this where everything began?

This site could not be more holy to Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Bahai faithful. Some day it is the very first rock in the world's creation AND where Almighty God first breathed life into Adam. Muslims and Bahai believe it's where Muhammed received his inspiration. Jews and Christians say the Ark of the Covenant rested here. Only a few feet away, St. Peter offered Christianity's first altar call and 3,000 converts had church for the first time on the Day of Pentecost, 33 A.D.


01/25/2013 02:13:21 PM

i am amazed as the thing,s iv never known and reach for the knowledge to know it, thank you for the lesson in the rock i will try to remember these teaching,s altho i have short term memory loss i am sure i will not forget these thing,s in my heart


02/16/2012 06:39:31 AM

We are created on the image of God (Gen 1:26) and not monkey-mechanic-computer/tradition. Consequently use your mind to understand the Holy Texts or go to ...Hell or Amargedon,yes with such knowledge of spiritual things!


01/08/2012 02:08:47 PM

It is sad that all religions are afraid of hearing or letting others pray where they are inspired to pray. The receiving of salvation lives in our hearts not in a place or area. Pray where you are for God will hear you!


01/07/2012 09:41:26 PM

Sadly both Christian and Muslim religions state that they have replaced the Jews as "people of the Covanent." Therefore the world minimizes the importance of the site to Judiasm, even though Muslims pray and conduct pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, and Christians do the same to Bethlehem. It appears that only an Act of G-d will restore Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to its rightful owners, the Nation of Israel. In the meantime, the mosque on Temple Mount has no right to be there. Let them move it to Mecca.


07/25/2011 03:24:15 PM

A few points: As a former Delawarean who has lived in Israel for 27 years, Israel is somewhat larger than Delaware. It's about the size of New Jersey. Rabbi Shlomo Goren, who ascended the Temple Mount with a Torah Scroll and a Shofar (ram's horn) was chief chaplain of the IDF - not a common soldier. He attempted to arrange public services on the Mount - and Moshe Dayan stopped this. This rabbi encouraged a Jewish presence on the Mount. Some strictly orthodox Jews do indeed visit the Mount - after immersion in a Mikveh (ritual bath) for purity. They avoid the raised platform where the Temple once stood because of its great sanctity. Most orthodox Jews do not visit the Mount - but there has been a steady increase in recent years. Anyone who thinks that destroying the Dome of the Rock will bring the rebuilding of the Temple one bit closer is indulging in childish and primitive thinking. The Temple has not been rebuilt because of a spiritual lack within us - not the presence of another structure on its site. For Muslims, the holiest spot on the Temple Mount is El Aksa - located on the southern side of the Mount. Actually, this mosque is not even on the Mount - it was built on the extension built by King Herod. Finally - the only spot on earth where a Jew (or Christian) may not pray is on the Temple Mount! The Israeli police enforce the will of the Muslim Waqf and prevent non-Muslim prayer there (even quiet, personal prayer) to avoid the bloodshed that the Waqf threatens if non-Muslims "pollute" the spot with their prayers. What a far cry from Isaiah's vision of that "My House will be a house of prayer for all nations." Jews all over the world have prayed for nearly 2000 years for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. With Israeli sovereignty and renewed pilgrimages by Jews to this holiest spot on earth, we are moving closer to this vision.


06/29/2011 10:16:31 AM

Who is the writer of the article?! Anyone know where more information about the slide: "Will the Jewish Temple be rebuilt here?" between the 19th and 20th slide?


06/26/2011 11:11:30 PM

This was so wonderful to read about because I am a spritual woman and most of the things you write really touch my soul at the moment I truely need it. THANK YOU snowy7155