How to Be Unsinkable: Re-Create Your Reality

When you change your perception, you can change your life. In this excerpt from the book "Unsinkable", author Sonia Ricotti explains how.


03/12/2013 01:38:07 PM

Years ago, I took a course called Landmark after tragedy beset our family. Exactly the same message. We attach meanings to things, like the example given in this article. Great stuff and as life-changing a realization for me today as then. That life is an empty vessel is so liberating. Fill it with wonderful meanings and be unsinkable.


11/20/2012 12:19:03 PM

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10/13/2011 06:40:16 AM

Actually, I think it applies to everyone, including those in Auschwitz and those starving. She's not saying that changing the way you think about external circumstances will change those circumstances. She's saying that you can reduce your internal suffering by changing the way you think about external circumstances. It's true that this is not a new insight, and the proffered examples bespeak a middle-class perspective. But that doesn't reduce the value of the insight. I expect that many people in Auschwitz maintained their composure and dignity in the face of the horror that surrounded them by being mindful of and managing they way they thought about their circumstances--whether it be by having faith in their god or otherwise.


10/07/2011 02:36:57 PM

On the basis of the thought that this ‘Unsinkable’ new-thought illumination, as sarcastically unique to all of history as it is, is inherently universal for all reflective beings, I wonder how the inmates of early 40's Auschwitz would have taken to it. I wonder how the starving peoples of the world would take to it now. It’s for the upper middleclass and the uppermost mostly, those who have the time and the money to comfortably complain about the discomfort of circumstance.