The band that went down with the Titanic

It is perhaps one of the most famous bands in history, the octet that went down playing "Nearer My God to Thee" as the Titanic sank with 1,500 people still aboard. But who were these eight musicians?


05/21/2011 11:02:06 AM

I heard the band's a good thing they decided to go down with the ship!


05/19/2011 05:57:07 PM

"The rule was 'women and kids first.' But even those passengers couldn't fit onto the few lifeboats - which designers had decided to limit lest they clutter the sleek ship's majestic profile." Nowhere have I read that designers didn't include enough lifeboats because of esthetics. Instead, laws at the time simply did not require sufficient lifeboat space for every person on board a ship. Needless to say, that was remedied once the fiasco of the Titanic's sinking was investigated. This seems a curious conclusion when there is much evidence that it was simply a matter of economizing when not required by law to provide for all passengers in case of a need to abandon the ship. Hubris, too, in thinking that this was an unsinkable ship.