Extraordinary Women of Our Time

Meet 9 famous women who show us what it means to serve others


08/21/2012 05:57:51 PM

The problem of selecting a few women to represent us all is indeed problematic. I salute you for doing so in light of Women's Equality Day celebrating the right for women to vote - 8/26/1920. All those women who are depicted in the famous movie "Iron Jawed Angels" are worthy of being on your list as is my mother. Let's just be grateful for one another and not so critical of one's choices for who did or did not make the list.


06/25/2012 01:05:31 AM

are you kidding, Alicia Keys? yes, it is very commendable that she is doing this work on the AIDS problem. kudos. She has also been quoted, and quite vocal in saying that AIDS is a disease created by the "white man" to kill off black men.


03/06/2011 10:15:34 AM

Uneva, you are astute. Blindly following the socialistic mantra does not make for an outstanding role model.


03/05/2011 01:36:45 PM

They left out Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Gabrielle Giffords, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, anc many others.


02/28/2011 06:32:33 PM

I like the different areas of inspiration that these women represent - we can find encouragement in each of them!


02/26/2011 11:19:28 PM

Several of the women listed did, indeed, do outstanding, honorable things. Our country's First Lady, however, is an extension of her husband, and must bear the weight of his role in our American history. She is extraordinary, yes....but not in the way depicted here. The outstanding thing he's done, so far, to help our country, was to wake a sleeping lion, to the reality of the government's slow, subtle crawl toward Socialism, over the past several decades, and of how close we are to its dangers.