Max on Life

Common Questions

What type of questions are you asked, Max?

One of the most common questions, as you can imagine, are questions about being published or how to write. Just today there were two letters like that.

Then, you know, there are questions about hope. Is salvation secure? Can I “out-sin” God? Questions about hurt. What do I do when someone lashes out at me? Questions about home. Questions about divorce and raising children. The best way to raise your children. Is God in favor of discipline or against discipline?

One of my favorite sections in Max on Life we simply call “Him/Her.” It’s about relationships between men and women. About dating. About marriage. We have a pretty extensive section about sex. Pre-marital sex. Questions on the whole area of sexuality.  There’s a pretty extensive section at the end of the book called “Hereafter.” Questions about heaven. Questions about hell. Questions about who’s going where.

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