How to Balance Work, Family and Faith

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Friends laughing

Developing an authentic group of friends of like spirit, professional level, and stage of life will give you much-needed support as you navigate life. One of the best things I ever did was to recruit a few women to join me every two weeks to talk about our lives over lunch. You can do it too! Just follow these guidelines:

(1) Keep it small and simple. Five people or fewer is best, aim for a group in the same stage of life and professional level. No agenda. No book to study. No pressure to maintain perfect attendance. Our group meets every other week over lunch, and at times various members have felt free to take time off from the group if they needed to;  

(2) Keep it relational.  This isn’t a Bible study. It’s about “us.” We talk about the things that keep us up at night. And we don’t try to solve each other’s problems. Just listen, care, and pray;

(3) Keep it confidential. Invite women with whom you’ve had some history and know you can trust. It might help to recruit women outside of your company. Figuratively (or actually) vow to each other, “What’s said at this table stays at this table.”  The key is to establish a safe environment where each of you can share, support, and recharge. 

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