How to Balance Work, Family and Faith

It All Begins With You

Six Steps to Simplicity

Can you balance work, family, and faith? Yes!  But not by accident. It is absolutely possible, but make no mistake, it isn’t easy. Maintaining balance requires energy, creativity, determination, and a healthy dose of optimism. A half-hearted or crippled effort simply won’t do. That’s why it’s so crucial to take care of yourself. When life gets crazy, it’s tempting to put everything else first, but over time that approach will lead to burn-out and cripple your ability to manage.  You must guard your physical and emotional and spiritual health if you want to succeed.  Exercise regularly, eat well, and set aside some precious time for your own enjoyment and relaxation. A little investment in “you” will yield huge dividends. You’ll have more energy, a clearer head, and the emotional capacity needed to balance all that life throws at you. 

Diane PaddisonDiane Paddison is Chief Strategy Officer and board member at the commercial real estate firm Cassidy Turley, and serves as a board member for numerous corporate and national nonprofit boards. Diane has held several executive positions for corporate companies, including Chief Operating Officer of Trammell Crow (now CB Richard Ellis) and ProLogis. She is the author of Work Love Pray.

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