Finding God Unexpectedly

How a young woman found God during a low time in her life.

BY: Rebecca Brittingham


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When we arrived at the church we walked in the door where we were greeted by friendly smiles and welcomes. I returned their friendly smiles with a scowl. The love caused me to cringe with shame. 

Throughout that week, I found a cozy corner in the church and sat there by myself.  I wasn’t interested in Jesus or people. I had reached a place of complete hopelessness.  I grudgingly attended the daily classes, but expected no positive results. By the fourth day, however, something started to shift.  It was a Thursday evening and everyone had gathered outside in preparation for the baptism.  I stood off to the side, trying to avoid my mom.  Then I felt this urge to step forward.  Should I go and be baptized?

“No, I’ve already been baptized.”  I took a few steps closer and then backed out. 
“I can’t do this.  Everyone will know.” I ignored the urge and stepped out of line. As I turned around, a lady clasp my hand in hers.

“Would you like to rededicate your life to Christ?”

I didn’t have time to think.  Before I knew what was happening I heard myself saying “I…I…Think so…”

“What are we waiting for?”

In jeans and t-shirt, I slowly walked to the pool and waited for my turn.  The urge to run was so strong. 

My turn came. I felt sick to my stomach. Nonetheless, I wobbled up the steps 
“It isn’t too late, you don’t have to do this” a voice whispered in my head.

I fought against fear and stepped into the tub focusing my eyes on the loving couple.  As the water washed over my face, I felt the Lord holding me tightly sending a smile across my face. Tears watered my eyes as the peace of God enveloped me.  I knew, for the first time, in over two years, that Jesus truly loved me and that He valued my life.
I came to this seminar with a death wish, but left with the chains broken off. I learned that there is nothing that I need to do to earn the Lord’s love.  He is willing to fight for me to the end and chase me until He earns my love and trust.

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