Becoming a Family of Plenty

Know the People Who Brought It to Market

Our church runs a farmers’ market in the church parking lot, and our family’s experiences buying directly from the farmers at the market was part of the inspiration for our rules. The market had given us a small taste of these direct relationships and we were eager for more.

Early on in the year, after deepening these friendships with farmers,something spontaneous and new broke into our pre-meal ritual of prayer. Along with thanking God for the food, which was the normal extent of our prayer, we thanked God for all the people connected to each item of food. We thanked God for Gary who raised the chickens, and for Dale who we met at Inland Northwest Dairy, and for Mr. Siemers who grew the carrots. Our meal was transformed into a community event—connected to people, land, sacrifice, with God’s grace encompassing the whole of it.


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