Why Jason Collins Coming Out Matters: A Classmate Responds

Great athletes are no different than the rest of God’s creation. They deserve the opportunity to live with the dignity we owe every human being.

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3. Honesty and openness bring out the best in humanity: In the Reform Jewish movement, we have had openly gay rabbis in some of our country’s most prestigious and influential pulpits. Their leadership has transformed the views of so many of their fellow rabbis and congregants.

We are seeing the beginning of this same phenomenon in the wake of Collins’ announcement. Fellow athlets have rallied around him in support and encouragement. Even the President of the United States gave him a call. Even Kobe Bryant, who made a terrible homophoebic slur in 2011, tweeted his support for Collins and urged fans to do the same.

What a joy to see Collins unleash some of the best impulses within us. He is doing what I wish more religious leaders would do. Speak to our highest values; refine our spirits; help us build a better world for all of God’s children.

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Evan Moffic
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