What Great War Hero Are You?

What famous war hero are you most like? Here is a list of great war heroes and their stories.

BY: Rob Kerby


Throughout history, heroes have served as role models. I grew up proud to be named after two great American heroes – Francis “The Swamp Fox” Marion, who many say played a major role in the American Revolution by bedeviling the British with his guerilla attacks and giving George Washington time to get his troops ready for Cornwallis. I’m also named after Robert E. Lee, who some blame for not winning the War Between the States.

There have been so many great heroes – such as the 225 World War II U.S. Army Rangers who on June 4, 1945, scaled Pointe Du Hoc, a sheer 100-foot cliff overlooking Omaha and Utah beaches. Thousands of American soldiers on the beaches were being mowed down by Nazi machine gunners atop the bluff. The Rangers took the position, then without reinforcements or resupply for two days, fended off relentless German counterattacks. Only a handful survived by the time relief finally arrived. But thousands upon thousands of lives had been saved down on the beaches.

And then there are the Navajo “Windtalkers” who turned around the war in the Pacific when they volunteered to serve as communicators between the front lines and headquarters – making their reports in their native Diné dialect – thoroughly confounding the eavesdropping enemy – which targeted them for capture and torture, trying to break the complex U.S. “code” that was nothing but 400 very brave kids talking in the language of their grandfathers as the bullets whizzed by. Their story was a classified secret until 1968, but eventually the entire group was given Congressional Medals of Honor – although only 29 survived by the time the medal was finally awarded.
So, with so many heroes throughout history from which to choose, consider these nine. And ask yourself – which War Hero Am I?

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