Tips to Overcome Negative Emotions

Negative emotions can take a toll on even the strong at heart. Sadness can leak out a happy spirit, just as anxiety can steal away a hopeful soul.

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5. Choose an all-consuming activity. I can't paint well if I'm worried about what I need to do tomorrow. And it's almost impossible to think about my work schedule when I'm in tree pose or downward dog. That's exactly what I choose those two activities. Prepainting and preyoga, I may feel overwhelmed, but I always end feeling at peace. Distraction may be the only thing that can get you through the next moment. If you find an activity that's positive, embrace it. If this moment is the most important one you'll ever experience, you won't regret choosing something that will make you relaxed and at peace right now.

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Brandi-Ann Uyemura
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