The Day I Died

A near death experience brings a woman closer to true life.


03/16/2012 09:37:12 AM

To all reading this article and feel the peace described in such articulate detail, you may experience a fraction of this feeling by praying for the Holy Spirit to enter your lives and you will be gifted with HIS gifts, one of which is this wonderful feeling of floating, no pain, no worries...peace! Let go and let God work in you. Blessings to all


03/15/2012 07:55:29 PM

I think for anyone afraid of dying, that this story, well, for me, made me feel a lot more comfortable about it. Oh, and it is so cool that there is another 'Spirit #' (Spirit79), like me! Hi !!


03/08/2012 08:00:56 PM

I too became aware of this unspeakable peace surrounded by unconditional love I miss that place to be honest.