Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your "Confront" Zone

Women have fears. We are magnets that attract negative energy … self doubts that cause us to question…Am I enough? This mindset keeps women from achieving their greatest dreams and goals. So, where do these fears and self depreciating bouts of unworthiness come from? According to research into the psyche of women , the belief that we’re not enough comes from hearing it either as children from parents and teachers to bullies in school and, even as adult from haters in relationships and marriages. At some point in life, women have heard such disparaging attacks on their consciousness for so long, they’ve began to actually believe the hype.

If we are strong in our resolve to get over the hump of this thing called “fear” and get with the program of knowing who we are and whose we are, then we will grow stronger in our truth- seeking and do the work we need to do in order to become “the woman we’ve always wanted to know.”


I grew up in a household where my mama worked just as hard as my dad, so the idea of not working and being productive was never a question as I became an adult. It was this knowledge that kept me sane in a seemingly, insane world. After I married and became a mom, my priorities shifted as I became focused on the important role of wife, mother and career woman, where I was happiest being in this new woman space. But, the one truth every spiritual being living a human existence fails to factor into an otherwise ideally lifestyle is “change.”

Change can be a scary thing. It can leave us feeling unsure and afraid to confront what comes next. We find solace that comes from existing in a world of perpetual denial. The fear of having to face the reality of change keeps us stagnant as the world keeps on turning.

When my marriage dissolved after 20 years, my children left home and my career ended, all within the span of a year’s time, I realized there was no ‘me’ anymore. I was at a loss on how to begin to lay claim to “her.” How does one start over when you are challenged by the unknown?

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Clara Freeman
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