Poems of Hope

Here are four poems to inspire and lift you today.

BY: Antionette Campbell


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My Vow

I'm standing in the throne room of Heaven

I knock on the door

And this thunderous voice is the Almighty God saying

Come in my precious child

And as I stood in His presence

I said Lord

I make a vow to you

I will replace my anger with praise and Thanksgiving

Replace my flesh to worship you without a foothold

To keep my body as a holy sacrifice

From the tongues of distraction

To speaking of your loving truths

To replace my desires and appetites

To sanctify my vessel daily

Most importantly, to tell the world of your Son Jesus

And God one more request, preserve me with the power of your

Holy Spirit to keep me in all my ways

I love you

My Endless Bride

As I enter into your presence

And seek you[r] Holy Face

To kneel and make reverence

The Taberacle of grace

I lay down all my burdens

My sorrows and pain

You spoke and sent down

Your Spirit with rain

Oh, King I worship

Your wisdom has come

My mediator and key

I praise Him alone

Forever shall I remain

To touch His embrace

You're the love of my heart

Much more than the human race

I draw unto you my shield and my strength

With sweet and blessed assurance

The Power of your Truth shall remain to give glory

And no good thing will you withhold

From those who walk uprightly

I'm a living miracle to you I trust

Forever indebted

Your loving hand is upon me

Through the narrow and the wide

My Eternal wings of comfort

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