Pentagon retreats from Bible ban in U.S. military hospitals

An irked Congressman wants to know how a bureaucrat had the authority to prohibit families from bringing any religious literature to hospitalized U.S. soldiers.


12/14/2011 11:31:57 PM

I don't understand our government. This should have never happened. What is going on? If our troops can't have bibles why are there Chaplins and Chapels? The commander that issued this order should have been fired on the spot.


12/13/2011 03:15:43 AM

Delicately, indeed. We would prefer to observe our religious practices without hindrance and without offending the beliefs of others - the result of centuries of bloody conflict. We have more practice in this country because we were founded on the belief we should leave each other alone. The more militant nonbelievers have been squeezing the freedom of the believers for some time; I trust we can reach a more equitable balance before irritation overides restraint. I recall a story my father told me as a child about a Ku Klux Klan parade into a nearby town in Massachusetts when he was a boy. They were observed in silence until they reached the center of town, and then the stony part began. The planners had failed to note the locals were almost all Irish, Italian, and Polish - most Roman Catholic, significant part Jewish. There were no more promotional parades there.


12/08/2011 07:43:05 PM

As it was written, Christians (on average) are pretty nice people. They're easy to push around. But Muslims are not so easy. So, in this article or in any other like like, there is no mention ever of a ban on Qurans. I suppose that, as the Witch sad about the problem of Dorothy, these things must be handled delicately.