Kisses from Katie

Katie Davis could have carved out a career and established a solid social life, until God radically stepped in.

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“It was really hard for her to have a mom,” Davis recalled. “She was used to calling the shots, because for a couple of years now, she didn’t have any parents. That’s a huge burden for a child to have to carry. I remember she used wake up in the morning and get a jerry can and go outside to collect water. I told her: ‘You don’t have to collect water. We already have water.’ To watch her reclaim her childhood has been real powerful.”

Davis is also transparent about her own struggles.

“The first month, I loved living there; you have all this love from these children,” Davis explained. “The next month, I feel that I’m tired of washing my hair in a bucket and I would just like a cheeseburger! Spiritually, I had to rely so much on God. As God stripped away all things that I was dependent on, I was able to grow closer to him. He’s a part of every decision in Uganda.”


Davis came to the states to share her testimony and to promote her book, Kisses from Katie, with two of her little girls, Patricia, age 3, and Grace, 5. Her 11 children remained in Jinja. Beliefnet met Patricia; a precocious girl, hugging on her grandpa in the green room of the Christian Broadcast Network. Her younger sister Grace was in Nashville receiving surgery on her heel to improve her walking.

Davis wrote this entry on her Kisses from Katie blog before the media frenzy. It encourages believers to refocus on living for God and his kingdom, regardless of the pressures:

“The book releases in October. I know what this means: more eyes on us. I struggle with the thought of it. All I want is more eyes on Him. I am just a broken mess, grabbing for His feet, reaching out to touch His cloak, thankful for His mercy that washes over me. I am just a little girl, relieved to crawl into His lap and curl up there.”

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