PETA seeks equal time for dogs on cable reality show "All-American Muslim"

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seek free ad time after a Beagle named Wrigley is sent to an animal shelter.


01/05/2012 12:12:12 PM

So it begins.It didn't take long for this to start showing up in their propaganda ploy. Allah Does Not Lke Dogs or Dog Hair. The new "All American Muslim" reality show is already trying to inject its sharia crap into the American conscience. It's time to boycott this vile religion and the corporate sponsors that are helping push this on the American public. Hit them where it hurts before this cancer of humanity is allowed to infect our society.


12/28/2011 06:26:03 PM

I was SICK TO MY STOMACH after watching that episode and will NEVER watch that show again. He is weak and stupid and she is selfish and unfeeling. Wrigley deserves much better! Please spread the word about the abuse of animals in islamic countries. I was in Egypt last November and spent my time trying to eat as little as possible and getting those with me to also eat as little as possible so that we could share our food with the many starving and stray cats and dogs. What kind of "religion" has NO COMPASSION for God's creatures!!! It is a farce!!!. Thank you PETA for stepping up.


12/28/2011 06:21:54 PM

This story disgusts me! I recently dated a man who has had a pit bull for over ten years and if we got serious, I would never ask him to get rid of his dog, even though I fear pit bulls. I still love animals. She is a real jerk for asking him to do that & he is even worse for not saying no. The dog has been in his life longer. I hope a great family adopts the poor dog. So heartbreaking. Please, whoever wrote this article, give more info on how to adopt & if the dog has been adopted. I'd like to see a happy ending for this poor dog. Uggghh. It aggravates me this guy would dump his dog. He dumped the wrong one. Dump the one you are supposed to marry.


12/28/2011 06:12:01 PM

This just goes to show at a very basic level how stupid believing in a god is. Everyone twists the "word" of their "god" to support whatever their beliefs are. Dog is goD spelled backward. Dog has never attacked and murdered mass numbers of people in their masters name. Dog has never said you can worship no other dogs before him. In fact, dog thinks the more dogs the better. There should be a bunch of shows about animals with bit roles by humans. Get rid of shows like American Muslim and the duggars 19 and counting. If I want to see a bitch having a litter, let it be a canine. in summary, gods screw up everything. Dogs don't.


12/28/2011 05:49:56 PM

I think Shadia's husband should be absolutely ashamed of himself, that woman is selfish, they definitely should not have children, after all they would mess up the house. They should never get anymore pets, and TLC needs to get rid of that show.


12/16/2011 11:17:42 AM

This is just so sad. God help any children these two have! This single act shows such a lack of compassion as well as scruples!