Over morning coffee, five friends inspire “Merry Christmas” billboards

What on Earth could five Christian ladies do to stem the tide of "political correctness" stifling "Merry Christmas"?


12/22/2011 06:51:56 PM



12/12/2011 06:51:50 PM

Hey, if you want to put up billboards, fine. But I say "Happy Holidays" and will continue to say it because I am not Christian and most of my friends are not Christian. Jesus is the reason for Christmas, but he is NOT the "reason for the season". There are a number of faiths with December holidays, and unless I know what faith the person follows, I am not going to assume that the person is celebrating Christmas. That has nothing to do with being politically correct, and everything to do with being considerate.


12/11/2011 11:18:35 AM

Amen! And congratulations, ladies, for inspiring a nation to take back the reason for the season--Christ. When I go shopping (groceries--can't afford commercial gifts) I always correct the clerks that wish me "Happy holidays"; I always look them in the eye and say "I prefer to say Merry Christmas" They sometimes look at me with surprise, but more often they smile.


12/11/2011 09:48:45 AM

Thank you ladies. I'm a Christian, and I plan to keep on saying Merry Christmas!!