Christmas presents for your ... dog?

Yes, several specialty companies have gift ideas for man's best friend. Cats, too!

BY: Rob Kerby


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but they were more interested with playing with the box, a company called Caboodle will sell you a lovely, cat-sized, corrugated cardboard box for $29.95.

The "feline environment: allegedly is "easy on the environment."

"These feline towers are made from 100 percent cardboard and printed with flexographic soy-based inks that contain no harmful toxins," says the company.

"The cardboard is extra strong in order to cater for those full-figured kitties."

Better yet, you can arrange them and decorate them however you like. Bring on the felt tip pens and decals! Throw in your cat’s favorite pillow, and voila, your cat has a cozy 3-story corrugated condo."

Next on the list are lovely bonnets and caps for your beloved pet.

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