Find Supernatural Freedom from the Past

Healing minister Joan Hunter shares how traumatic events influence more than our emotions; it’s also becomes engrained into our cells called cellular memory.

Prophetic teacher and anointed healing minister Joan Hunter shares insights on how you can be healed supernaturally from the spirit of trauma. It goes deeper than that, according to Hunter and her books, Freedom Beyond Comprehension and Healing the Heart. Traumatic events influence more than our emotions; it becomes engrained into our cells and can damage our physical health.

How can we get free?

We say “I’m the one that was divorced”, “I’m the one that is always broke” and “I’m the one that is always depressed.” We got to get rid of those labels—we got to move onto a whole new area in our lives and really, really, get free. So many people are heavy laden because of their past and that God can’t use them because of the past. How about God using you because of your past? Paul (Apostle) said “forgetting the things which are far behind me and pressing for the prize that mark thy calling (Philippians 3:14).” We got to sever the past. It’s like a dog going back to its vomit (Proverbs 26:11).

Do you have practical tips for our readers on how to do this?

I have prayers in the book [to repeat]. You just repeat the prayers and miracles are happening. What I learned is from revelation and through experience and through what works. Some of the stuff has happened to me. Not all of it, but I deal with [being set free from the past] abortions, satanic ritual abuse, and dissociativeidentity disorder.


Have we been ignorant when it comes to the spiritual realm?

Absolutely. Doctors are now studying what brings [sickness] on. If you go to a doctor and say that your insulin has shot up. He might ask you if you’ve been under a lot of stress. I am like “Hallelujah” we’re finally making headway here. They just released 35 billion dollars last year to study how trauma affects the body. I talk about trauma and stress in my book. I talk about cellular memory. Your body remembers the trauma it had. I have a testimony of lady name Nancy, she came to my service and I had people measure their arms and [the length of her arm was off and grew back]. Later I found out that when she was younger she would raise her arm so her dad wouldn’t hit her face. It destroyed here growth plate and it never grew past six-seven years old until that day. When God healed in that service-God took all the cellular memory all over her body. Nancy is in full-time ministry today.

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